The SmartSkin Laser combines micro-ablative and standard-ablative technology to provide resurfacing treatments for a wide range of problems. By delivering energy in the 10,600 nm wavelength the laser can deliver controlled pulses to the skin surface, forming micro zones of ablation that measure 350 microns in diameter. This wavelength is most avidly absorbed by water, and since skin cells consist primarily of water, the laser produces a controlled evaporation or ablation of skin cells.

SmartSkin Laser Thousand Oaks The two options, micro-ablative and ablative, provide flexibility in resurfacing. In micro-ablative mode the distance between micro zones and the depth of the individual zones is adjustable, allowing for a controlled amount of injured tissue and faster healing. In standard-ablative mode the entire treatment area is ablated, allowing for more aggressive treatment and deeper results. As a result, the laser is useful for treatment of superficial wrinkles, textural changes and blotchy pigmentation and also useful for deeper wrinkles and creases. This customizable platform also allows for adjustment of the “down time” or amount of time that the skin is healing. For micro-ablative mode the skin is usually healed in 3-5 days; for the deeper ablative mode skin healing is usually complete in 7-10 days. As a result, the doctor can tailor the treatment to the problem being addressed as well as the amount of time that the patient has available for healing.

The SmartSkin Laser follows the trend of most forms of current cosmetic surgery, to be able to provide smaller, more subtle changes with less down time. So even in patients who have deeper lines or wrinkles, there can be significant improvement through the use of multiple micro-ablative treatments. In the past these patients would likely undergo a deep chemical peel or an ablative laser resurfacing procedure. These treatments entailed significant down time or time away from work or social obligations. They also had the effect, sometimes undesirable, of giving the patient the appearance that they had recently underwent a significant cosmetic procedure. This is just the opposite of what most current procedures provide, whether we’re talking about neuromodulators, fillers, lasers or more aggressive surgical procedures. The cosmetic procedures of the 21st century try to provide lasting significant results while minimizing the appearance that the patient just had a procedure “done.” Patients don’t want “done” looks; they want to look more rested with improved texture to the skin, softened lines and wrinkles and evenly colored skin. The SmartSkin Laser is able to provide these results, through a series of lighter, faster healing micro-ablative treatment sessions.

If you’re considering treatment with the SmartSkin Laser or other cosmetic procedure, your best option is to meet with a doctor with significant training and experience with these types of procedures. Discuss with the doctor your concerns as well as the time you have available for healing afterwards. Speak with one of our patient care representatives at The Center for Dermatology Care, and we’ll schedule a consultation for you. click here to request a consultation. Or you can call The Center for Dermatology Care at (805) 497-1694 and one of our helpful staff members will schedule your appointment.