You would have come across CoolSculpting when you were on the lookout to tone your body. It is a nonsurgical, noninvasive procedure, which uses technology to target fat cells.

Fat Freezing – What Does this Technique Do?

The procedure is known as cryolipolysis, a type of cosmetic treatment to freeze fat cells in the targeted regions. Approved by FDA, the lower temperature won’t damage the surrounding cells and tissues. The doctor will use specialized equipment for this procedure.

After freezing the fat cells, the body will start the process of breaking them down. Over time, they will pass through the kidneys and go out of your body. This process will take a maximum of six months.

Do keep in mind that this isn’t for weight loss. It is a procedure to eliminate fat bulges in various regions of your body. You can use this treatment for removing fat cells from the upper arm, thighs, belly, below your jawline and chin, and back.

Why you Should Go for Fat Freezing?

Fat freezing is an effective and safe technique. The number of treatments you require to see noticeable results depends on the area of treatment. This procedure is popular among people because it eliminates fat cells completely. As downtime is negligible or nonexistent, you can go back home or work, after the procedure.

You never have to worry about gaining fat in the treated areas, as long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Under the hands of an experienced cosmetic doctor, you will get the best results.