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Dermatology Testimonials Thousand Oaks

“Since I started going to Debbie a year ago my skin has changed completely! My pigmentation has lightened up, my skin is softer, smoother and always has a glow to it. She is not only an amazing aesthetician she is an incredible person. She makes you feel so comfortable. I love her warm heated bed, soft music, the view from her room is so peaceful as well. Seeing Debbie is such a treat an incredible experience every time. I recommend her to everyone!”


“Debbie is a clinical esthetician who has a lot more knowledge and experience than anyone who’s ever worked on my face before. Her touch is magical and while I’m on her table she makes me feel like I’m her most special and cherished client. Since she has been taking care of my skin, my adult acne has cleared up and my face has also taken on a rosy glow. For the first time in my life, I’m getting compliments on my skin! I’m also amazed at what a caring person Debbie is. She remembers to ask about my children and the events that are going on in my life. I feel like she is family. Debbie is truly a gem.”


“My procedure (transplanted) over 2000 grafts transplanted. I was sore for one day, but that was all. Haley (the cosmetic consultant) was great in helping me to make the decision to move forward and the staff was very comforting, with 2 techs replanting the grafts and Dr. Kaufman checking on me continuously throughout the day, I felt at ease. As it turns out I am very happy with the results. It has been over 2 months and I have been doing great. The hair is growing back in areas that I had none. I would recommend this procedure to anyone considering it. I am fortunate to have met Haley and Dr. Kaufman and am happy I did this innovative procedure at The Center for Dermatology Care. I am looking forward to the next few months of my hair growing back. Thank you all for your help in making my decision and for Dr. Kaufman and Haley for putting my mind at ease in moving forward.”


“During my initial consultation for a traditional “strip method” hair transplant procedure, I was presented with an alternative method known as “NeoGraft.” I was informed that the procedure would be quick, painless, and ultimately yield better results. I decided that NeoGraft sounded like the better option. During the surgery, Dr. Kaufman and his staff routinely monitored my pain level during the harvesting and placement of grafts. They were informative afterwards and the level of care I received was excellent. The healing process was as easy as the procedure itself. I did not have to use any of my pain medication as the pain was minimal. I did experience minimal forehead swelling and a mild headache for a day. The donor site had occasional itching associated with the healing process but nothing a spray of water didn’t subside. Within 10 days, I was able to be out in public and went back to work without anyone noticing the donor or transplant site. It has now been three months, and I’m starting to notice new growth and am excited to continue seeing results. Unlike the traditional “strip method,” there is no visible scarring. I would absolutely recommend NeoGraft as the best route to take, especially for men who want to return to work quickly and wear their hair short in the future.”

-NeoGraft patient

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, I want to thank you again for the Juvéderm® treatment. The results are really great. I can’t believe what a difference it made.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman and Staff, I should like to take this time to thank you for the wonderful treatment you gave me this past week. You and your staff are very professional and make each patient feel special.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your kindness and generosity for all that you have done for me. Words will never be able to express how I feel.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, Your care and concern were wonderful; your staff was very supportive and professional and your treatment and results were excellent. I want you to know how much I appreciate your help and professionalism.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman and Staff, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the excellent care that I received from everyone, and how much I appreciated it. You took the time to make sure that I was comfortable, and informed both prior to the surgery and afterward. When I left your office, I truly felt that I have the best doctor and staff taking care of me.”

“Dear Doctor Kaufman, I want to thank you again for the wonderful job you did for me…removing the cancers and the great work you did on the reconstructive surgery. I know the entire process was difficult, but I always realized that I was in the best of hands. I sincerely thank you again and your wonderful staff.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, I would like to thank you for the positive experience and extraordinary care that you provided me. Being diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma for the first time is frightening as well as not being knowledgeable of the Mohs procedure. You provided thorough explanations; you were kind and attentive, and most of all, a superb surgeon. It was very comforting when you called me post-operatively to check on my condition. I am so very pleased with the final results. May I also say that your staff is professional, pleasant and knowledgable. Your office is run impeccably. I will be sharing this with my physician so that she will refer all of her patients to you as necessary. Again, thank you for the wonderful experience. I am an RN and have worked with numerous physicians. You are by far the most exceptional!”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman and Staff, Thank you for the special care and professionalism you provided me throughout my Mohs experience. Please enjoy the gift basket as a token of my appreciation.”

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“Dear Dr. Kaufman, I have passed by the office two times going to see Dr. Silverman and I think I’ll go in and tell you how absolutely thrilled I am with the laser procedure on my face. It looks soft and I do look younger (all those beach boys are after me!). Thanks so much – you are really a caring, good doctor and I appreciate all that your expertise accomplished.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, I have planned this letter a hundred – each time, in fact, that I catch my reflection in the mirror or put on my lipstick. I am so grateful to you for the beautiful surgery you performed on my upper lip. People find it hard to believe that I had any surgery at all, let alone the serious reconstruction job you did. You are an artist…and I am supremely grateful. Many thanks.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, This short note is to thank you for your wonderful work on my behalf. I believe many doctors could benefit from observing…a young man who is an excellent surgeon – and who makes use of his heart. One whose office is filled with a caring and efficient staff.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, One week ago you performed a laser skin resurfacing procedure on my face. Today is an excellent time to tell you and prospective patients how very pleased I already am. Both your ability and professional attitude are great little secrets that deserve to be shared. Your pre-procedure counseling, as well as the follow up care and concern, helped to make the decision to have the procedure and to feel very comfortable with that decision. I recommend and will continue to recommend Dr. Kaufman to anyone considering an opportunity, a chance, to enhance. Thank you for your fine job and attention to my needs.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, This is a very belated note to thank you for all your T.L.C. of my husband. You are one of the most dedicated and talented doctors we have ever encountered and we shall certainly return to you if necessary. We’d also like to thank your two very helpful nurses and the cheery receptionist.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman and Staff, I just want to thank you for all your kindness and hard work. You’ve made me look and feel good again. Thank you.”

“Dear Dr. Kaufman, Just wanted to say Thank You for your compassion and support during my surgery. Your skills as a surgeon in my opinion are exceptional. I am very grateful for the quality of care I received from you and your staff.”

“Ode to Dr. Kaufman”

“There is a wonderful doctor named Kaufman
Whose touch is as light as a feather,
He worked on my knee – oh, so gently
And that’s how we gottogether.
He hemstitched such a beautiful seam
He’s so deft and quick and competent
…that’s why I call Andrew Kaufman
My doctor with the “Gildina Hent.” (Golden Hands)

(Poem sent by patient written in calligraphy on parchment paper)

“Dr. Kaufman’s staff are all very warm and professional in doing their jobs. Whether it’s Billie out front calling to remind you of your appointment or the girls in the back (Krista and Kim) taking out sutures or making templates for bandages to take home and copy, they are each so special and take away any fears or uneasy feelings you might have.

As for Dr. Kaufman – thank you God for giving this man the talent he has to take something as ugly as cancer away and leave the scar so unrecognizable that people can’t tell it’s even there unless you show them. Ask me, I’ll tell you proudly this was my 5th, yes 5th, surgery performed by Dr. Kaufman and not once would I ever have even thought of going anywhere else, including a plastic surgeon.

So all I can say is THANK YOU Dr. Kaufman and Staff.”

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