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Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: Women All Ages with Acne – What Do We Do?

The Hidden Causes of Acne The latest findings could not be clearer: Women are breaking out more than ever. Here, are some surprising reasons – and what you can do about it. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, more than 50 percent of women in their 20s, 26 percent in their 30s, and 25 […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: National Skin Care Month

You may not be aware, but September is National Skin Care Awareness Month which means now is a good time to learn about your skin care needs and what products The Center for Dermatology Care offers to provide you with the best care for your skin. If you were unsure about how to address aging […]

Aging of the Face

It happens to all of us. One day we look in the mirror and see wrinkles and lines forming where there used to be smooth firm skin. Why does this happen? As we age, changes occur in the skin, fat, muscle and bone which causes the cosmetic appearance of our faces to mature. Whereas in […]

Why Undergo Hair Restoration?

Hair loss has many different potential causes, but regardless of the reason, it can be disheartening the first time you look in the mirror and see a thinning spot on the top of your head. Some men try and hide the problem with comb-overs, while other men just throw in the towel, quit trying, and […]

Achieve Smoother and Slimmer Thighs This Summer with CoolSmooth

With CoolSmooth, The Center for Dermatology Care is able to provide a more customized treatment plan for our patients. CoolSmooth is the first non-vacuum based applicator designed to treat the non-pinchable areas of fat. This is great for those areas that cannot be properly suctioned into the other Coolsculpt applicators, specifically the inner and outer […]

What Does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Do?

Hair loss is frustrating and can be caused by many different factors. But there’s a non-surgical hair-loss treatment that can provide an effective solution regardless of the cause – Platelet Rich Plasma therapy! Platelet-rich plasma has three to five times the typical quantity of platelets in the blood. During a Platelet Rich Plasma treatment, platelet-rich […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: 7 Simple Summer Skin Care Tips

First of all, lets stock the cupboards with some after sun care products so their handy when you need them! Just in Case of course! Having a Gentle Creamy Cleanser on hand for your face is a must. I love Epionce Milky Cleanser, it leaves skin velvety smooth and hydrated. Follow this with Epionce Re-Balance […]

Is Rogaine the Right Choice?

More and more men and women have realized that there are oral and topical medications that can help manage hair loss or receding headlines. But despite the number of “remedies” on the market, there are just two FDA-approved non-surgical hair restoration products, one of which is Rogaine. Rogaine (Minoxidil) is a topical solution that’s applied […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: Burnt by the Sun

What is a sunburn? Most of you have experienced a sunburn? We know it’s wrong and as you wince in pain putting your clothes on over it, you’re kicking yourself for not being more diligent in applying sunscreen. My feeling is if you truly understood what was happening to your skin while you’re lying there […]

NeoGraft Procedure — Santa Barbara Hair Restoration

An unwanted and quite telling sign of aging is hair loss. This condition occurs for a variety of reasons for millions of men and women across the country, but genetics is by far the most potent predictor. Though male pattern baldness accounts for an overwhelming majority of all hair loss among men, it can also […]



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