Aric Park M.D.

Forget the multiple cups of coffee and perk up with Restylane™!

The Restylane™ family of products has everything you need to freshen up and rejuvenate those lines and wrinkles. Two new products, Lyft™ and Silk™ have been added which give me, Dr. Park, more options when trying to create a natural anti-aging effect.

Silk™ is the finest and softest of the products – it works well with areas that need to look soft or where the skin is thin such as fine lines and for a soft, natural lip enhancement.

Lyft™ is the heaviest of the products. It gives a long lasting volumization – perfect for refilling sunken cheeks or hollow temples.

Restylane™ is the traditional mainstay workhorse that works well for refilling sensitive – areas like around the eyes or marionette lines.

These products are all based off of hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a natural component found in our bodies. It acts as a buffer between cells to allow for some separation and movement. By crosslinking the HA, particles of different sizes and strengths are created, each with different qualities and thus the Restylane™ product line is created.

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