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Why Do I Get Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps? How Can I Prevent Razor Bumps And Ingrown Hairs?

Ingrown hairs and razor bumps are a result of using products and methods that were not designed for those with coarse or curly hair. Properly shaving with high quality products and tools designed for you reduces razor bumps and ingrown hairs.

Multiblade cartridge razors that promise to lift the hairs and cut them below the skin’s surface usually grow back in a slightly different direction and, consequently, burrow into your skin. Coarse or curly hair needs to be cut cleanly and at the skin’s surface level to avoid razor bumps or ingrown hairs.

Multiblade cartridge razors can tug on facial hairs causing inflammation. The blades are placed so closely together that coarse hairs become trapped between them. Once trapped, they are yanked out leading to irritation and swelling.

Another common problem is when skin is pulled taught to get an extra close shave, the moment you let go of your skin, it pops right back over the hairs you’ve just cut.They will than begin to start growing into your skin causing razor bumps.

Shaving daily is optimal for very sensitive skin. If you are prone to razor bumps, we strongly suggest you allow no more than one day between shaves.

Are you applying too much pressure! Using plastic disposable razors, no matter how fancy the commercial made it seem, or how many blades it has, its too lightweight and you’re forced to apply pressure to cut. Aside from scraping the heck out of your skin, you are cutting the hairs beneath it. When you move the razor away, the skin pops back into place, but the hair beneath it is now poised to start growing into your skin. Ideally very little is pressure when shaving is desired. There are some very nice single blade razors out there.

Using an electric trimmer? It can cause razor bumps and irritation too. If your hair is coarse and/or curly, the sharp jagged end left by your electric trimmer can easily start to curl and burrow into your skin causing razor bumps. And considering the hairs aren’t being softened before you shave, things can go south quickly. One more important issue, if you don’t properly cleanse your electric trimmer it can wreak havoc on your skin by infecting the bumps with bacteria.

A few things to remember, never shave against the grain. It provides a slightly quicker close shave, but usually brings on razor bumps. Shaving against the grain allows hairs to be cut beneath the skin. Shave with the grain. Reusing blades makes the problem worse. They become dull and dirty. Especially, course/thick beards, they require blade changing more often.

We have several products here that will aid in your shaving process.

Lytic Gel Cleanser will aide in exfoliation, and rid the skin of dirt and oil.
Priming Oil, will soft your course hairs for a smoother shave. Will also fight bacteria.
Medical Barrier Cream will aide in hydration and healing of the skin.

Remember to complete your routine with an SPF of 30+. Several of our sunscreens offer a light tent now. Won’t leave you looking white and pasty.