With the weather heating up, you’re probably looking to your tank tops, shorts and/or summer dresses to stay cool during the summer. Then you start to worry about some skin concerns that you’ve been able to hide during the winter such as dry skin and blemishes may become more apparent. Fear not! Here are some tips to incorporate into your daily routine for bright and healthy skin for the summer.

Body Exfoliation: Winter is over and now all you’re left with is rough, dry, red, bumpy skin. By using the Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash, you can reveal softer and smoother looking skin. When your dry skin builds up over a follicle the hair becomes trapped inside resulting in an unsightly red bump. The Glycolic Acid in this product helps to dissolve “the intracellular cement” that holds surface keratinocytes together. The dead cells are exfoliated away, resulting in an “unplugged” pore.

Toner: Let your toner do more for you than just help prep clear and prep your face. Applying toner over the body can help achieve beautiful skin. By spraying Epionce’s Balance Toner to your noticeably dry/dull skin this summer, you can lock in hydration. To help control and reduce the appearance of blemishes, use Epionce’s Purifying Toner on your chest, back, arms and legs. The Purifying Toner is a gym-bag staple as well. It calms down redness and oil buildup that can lead to breakouts on the chest and back. Then follow up with the Renewal Enriched Body Lotion for hydration.

Lotions: Add Epionce’s Renewal Enriched Body Lotion to your all-over skin care regimen. Similar to your favorite Renewal Facial products, the Renewal Enriched Body Lotion was created to penetrate thicker skin to help prevent visible appearances of wrinkles and fine lines, as well as uneven skin tones. To give yourself an even more dewy appearance, apply Epionce’s Extreme Barrier Cream to arms and legs. This extra-hydrating formula will help prevent dryness and give you that glowing skin.

Sun Protection: The number one anti-aging product is sunscreen. Applying sunscreen all over your body where the skin is exposed helps keep skin looking youthful. When applying sunscreen, don’t skimp! Apply a full 1oz. of sunscreen to dry skin 20-30 minutes before going outside. Also, when partaking in water activities, remember to completely towel dry before re-applying. Properly applying sunscreen will help prevent visible signs of aging, such as spots and wrinkles all over your body.

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