Debbie Bernheim

First of all, lets stock the cupboards with some after sun care products so their handy when you need them! Just in Case of course!

Having a Gentle Creamy Cleanser on hand for your face is a must. I love Epionce Milky Cleanser, it leaves skin velvety smooth and hydrated. Follow this with Epionce Re-Balance Toner, a cool hydrating mist of pure concentrated goodness. Botanical extracts and humectants gives your skin a moisture surge to sooth the most irritated skin. Follow this with Medical Barrier Cream it provides a rich hydration and is best suited for skin that is resistant to sensitizers and preservatives found in standard moisturizers. Meadow foam extract, safflower extract and rose canina fruit oil are the key botanical ingredients, ideal for sensitive sunburned skin.

Another one of my must haves is the Antioxidant Body Spray. This light silky antioxidant spray contains Vitamin C, vitamin E and green tea. After a day in the sun this little gem will help in hydration and neutralize free radicals. This can be used daily as well in order to maintain healthy hydrated skin.

Epionce Purify Toner is a beach bag essential. With its ability to reduce oil and shine and aid in preventing break outs. Don’t forget your chest and back. You’ll feel fresh and ready for dinner along the beach.

Lastly, we have many different types of sunscreens to fit everyone’s needs. We have lightweight sunscreens that don’t smell like sunscreens. We have sunscreens that won’t break you out. We have sunscreens with only zinc and titanium. We have sunscreens with moisturizer and anti-aging ingredients in them. We have sunscreens with a light tint, so you don’t feel white and pasty. It’s been my experience that in order to wearing your sunscreen daily, you need to find one that you love putting on. Sunscreens for drug stores are way different than what we sell here in the Dermatologist Office. We usually have product samples of all our sunscreens. Come in and give them a try. Come in and meet with for a complimentary consultation and we will find the best products for your skin this summer!

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