CoolSculpting is a non-surical fat reduction procedure that has helped men and women alike achieve their body contouring goals. Previously, when a person struggled to lose fat in a specific area of their body and their diet and exercise efforts hit a wall, the only other option was Liposuction cosmetic surgery. Today, we have new cutting-edge technology in CoolSculpting. The CoolSculpting treatment is convenient, relatively affordably and delivers real results without having to undergo a surgical procedure.

CoolSculpting uses applicator paddles that freeze the fat cells under the skin without harming the skin. Patients are relaxed and comfortable during the procedure which lasts about an hour (per treated area–if treating multiple areas, multiple sessions may be required). Next, your body will metabolize those dead cells over the following weeks, processing them as waste and filtering them out naturally. If you are interested in learning more about how you can achieve your body contouring goals without surgical intervention, contact our office to schedule your CoolSculpting consultation with Dr. Kaufman today. During your consultation Dr. Kaufman will ask you about your goals and concerns to determine if CoolSculpting may be right for you.