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Skin Laser Resurfacing Thousand Oaks


Fractionated CO2 laser treatment for skin tightening, reduction in lines and wrinkles, and overall improvement in skin’s texture and appearance. Patients see improvement in lines around the mouth and eyes, and tightening in the skin around the jowls and cheeks.

How long does SKIN LASER RESURFACING usually take to perform?

This procedure takes 2 hours and can be combined with fat grafting or fillers for improved volume in the face. One additional hour is needed for fat grafting if desired. We include a complimentary facial with our medical aesthetician 4 days post-surgery to safely remove any peeling skin without damage to the new skin.

How do you perform SKIN LASER RESURFACING?

CO2 laser resurfacing is done in our surgical center here at The Center for Dermatology. An anesthesiologist will place the patient under a “twilight” anesthesia. This allows the doctor to do a more aggressive treatment while keeping you as comfortable as possible. The SmartSkin Laser combines micro ablative and standard-ablative technology to provide treatment for a wide range of problems.

Who is a good candidate for SKIN LASER RESURFACING?

This treatment is best for patients ages 40-70, and is a great alternative to a surgical procedure. While it will not give equal results as a facelift, the effects can noticeably reduce the appearance of aged skin. Patients with lighter skin tones that are less prone to pigmentation are great candidates for this laser treatment.

What are realistic expectations for a patient having SKIN LASER RESURFACING?

Patients will see the best benefits 6-12 months post procedure. The procedure will result in more youthful and smoother looking skin. Patients may notice a significant reduction in lines and deep wrinkles. The overall texture and tone of the skin can be noticeably improved. Many patients experience results that make them appear years younger.

How long does it take for a patient to recover from SKIN LASER RESURFACING?

Immediately after the procedure, patients will be experience a light burning sensation for the first few hours. Most patients describe the pain as a 3 out of 10 when leaving our facility. By the next day, they report no lingering irritation. For the first week, the patient will be very red and swollen. They will experience peeling of the skin. We include the services of our medical aesthetician, so that the patients peeling can be removed without damage to the new skin. In the second week, the patient will notice a decrease in swelling but will still be slightly pink. Mineral makeup may be used to cover redness.

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