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Aesthetician Services Thousand Oaks

At The Center for Dermatology Care, we offer a full range of Clinical Aesthetician Services that are both therapeutic and relaxing.

Tranquility Facial

Instilling a sense of calmness and serenity disconnecting you from the overwhelming demands of your busy life, this treatment is more than a facial. The expertly prescriptive facial incorporates deep cleansing, skillful and effective extractions and microdermabrasion to lift off dead skin cells. A mask is applied with a brush that glides across the skin like silk. Your treatment continues with our exclusive facial massage, and anti-aging beauty secret that facilitates the deepest relaxation. After just one treatment, expect improvement in skin elasticity and tone, reduced puffiness and diminished fine line, and a clearer, smoother and naturally radiant complexion.

Teen Acne Facial

You will love our advanced acne facial using superior skincare products. This effective treatment targets imperfections on acne-prone skin, purifying pores while accelerating tissue healing. The result is a reduction of imperfections, evening of complexion and softer skin. This therapeutic facial aids in the control of bacteria, oil production and cellular turnover, helping to reduce imperfections, to reveal a fresher and clearer complexion.

SilkPeel Dermal Infusion Facial

Revive your spirit, indulge your senses and relax with a well-deserved treatment. Experience a reduction of rough dry skin, improve texture and brighten your skin. This facial is specifically designed to exfoliate the skin gently, leaving you with an even complexion and refined pores. SilkPeel Dermalinfusion optimizes the benefits of exfoliation and the effects of the topically administered solution to meet your particular needs, whether it be acne, dryness, or a boost of VitaminC. The results are beautiful! Your skin takes on a new glow. Neck and chest are included.

Chemical Peels

The term “Chemical Peel” may sound intimidating, however we use them to jumpstart the skin’s natural process of rejuvenation, and essentially it’s a form of exfoliation. Chemical peels are used by men and women who are looking to improve the appearance of, fine line, wrinkles, facial blemishes, uneven skin pigmentation, facial scars, acne and pre-cancerous skin growths. We have many different peels that are suited for your particular skin condition and skin type.

  • Neck & Decollate Peel is used to decrease moderate hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, small scars and course wrinkles. Immediate skin lightening effects on neck and decollete have been experienced.
  • Anti-Redness Relief with a patented technology. This peel allows the key ingredients to go deeper into the skin where collagen formation occurs. The result is an even treatment, consistent skin remodeling and fewer side effects. Minimizes the signs of intermittent to permanent redness. This is a non-aggressive, high performance peel adequate to be used in summer for any skin type.
  • Hands and Arms Peel is a great peel to address those unsightly dark spots, seborrheic keratosis raised bumps on our hands and forearms. Also improves skin tone and texture.
  • Back Peel to treat acne, remove dry skin, reduce the presence of small bumps. We recommend a series of 3 to 4 peels to really improve these pesky issues.

OmniLux Light Treatment

Are you frustrated with fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, pore size? OmniLux light therapy is cutting-edge technology used to naturally rejuvenate your skin and reduce visible signs of aging. The advantages of light treatments are widely recognized in modern medicine. OmniLux was developed after 12 years of careful research to treat a wide range of skin concerns. Harnessing the power of light, OmniLux delivers safe, effective acne clearing and skin rejuvenation.

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