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CO2 Laser Treatment

Why laser my skin? Laser rejuvenation of the skin can improve fine lines, decrease pigmentation, tighten loose sagging skin, improve old scars and even modestly decrease pore size. There are many types of lasers out there for skin rejuvenation. These range from IPL, fraxel, to CO2 laser to list some of the more commonly used […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: Men’s Skin Care

Most of the differences in female vs. male skin can be credited to hormonal variances rather than physiological differences. Men have higher androgenic activity which contributes to bearded skin, male hair-loss, active sebaceous glands, hair growth, and type of hair on the body. Men also rarely experience melasma, which is attributed to estrogenic imbalance. Shaving […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: FALL SKIN!

It’s time to adjust your skin care routine for glowing beautiful fall skin! As the days grow shorter, the temperatures drop, and the air becomes drier, your skin may lose much needed moisture. Autumn is a time to start that transition, and the best autumn skin care routines will correct any summer damage that has […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: Rejuvenate Your Skin

Peels are our most requested service because it’s the most effective treatment in addressing the most common skin conditions including, pre-mature aging and acne. In our youth, skin cells naturally turn-over every 18 to 20 days resulting in a healthy, vibrant look. As we age this process slows down giving us a dull, chalky appearance. […]

Thermi RF

In the last decade several new exciting technologies have emerged that can potentially change the way we think about aging. One of these new technologies is ThermiRF. This is based upon radio waves which heat the tissues. When the tissues are heated to 40-45 degrees Celsius, proteins begin to denature, unfolding slightly, activating the bodies […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: FYI – Skin Aging

Harvard Researcher along with Olay and 23andMe teamed up to conduct a study that links gene expression to the appearance of women’s skin with age. The Multi-Decade and Ethnicity study reveals biological commonalties among a unique subset of women who look exceptionally younger than their age. Additionally, the research found specific gene expression changes that […]

Protect Your Skin This Summer

As our longer summer days are approaching, so are the stronger ultraviolet rays, so we have to be more vigilant in protecting our skin. Make sure you are reapplying your sun block every 80 minutes; applying once in the morning is just not enough. This will help maintain a constant barrier from the UV rays. […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: LED Light Therapy

LED LIGHT THERAPY: What you need to know! WHAT IS IT? NASA and the Navy Seals have used LED light therapy for muscle regeneration and to speed up the healing of wounds. This technology is now being used as a painless, effective anti-aging treatment in skincare. Michelle Williams, Sofia Coppola, and Rachel Weisz go to […]

Hair Loss in Women & Men

Hair loss or alopecia can be devastating at times – leading to anxiety, embarrassment and insecurity, which can affect both women and men. Some degree of hair loss occurs with aging; however the loss of hair is usually mild. Other types of hair loss are related to life events, such as the postpartum period in […]

Debbie’s Skin Care Corner: Mother’s Day Treat!

This is by far our most popular treatment here at The Center for Dermatology Care! The SilkPeel® Dermalinfusion skin care procedure is designed to improve the appearance of skin with just one or a series of treatments. The procedure takes about 30 minutes, does not cause pain, and does not require any downtime. Similar to […]



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Dr. Kaufman and his crew were awesome. I felt comfortable during surgery, and the nurses were amazing. Dr. Kaufman is intelligent, highly skilled, attentive to details, and his dry sense of humor is funny. READ MORE

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