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NeoGraft Hair Restoration—3 Reasons to Book a Consultation

Is your hairline not quite where it used to be? Or maybe you have a spouse, father, son, or friend that has reduced self-confidence due to hair loss? Consider a consultation at The Center for Dermatology Care. We’re excited to offer NeoGraft, a significant advancement in hair restoration technology. We can sum up the benefits […]

Latisse: 3 Benefits for Luscious Lashes

Luscious lashes can be yours with the ‘Miracle Gro properties’ of Allergan’s Latisse, and we have it at The Center for Dermatology Care! The 3 benefits of Latisse start within 6 to 8 weeks as lashes get thicker, darker, and longer. Latisse is a prescription medication for treating hypotrichosis, which is inadequate or thin eyelashes. […]

Juvederm and Belotero: Make Cupid Jealous with Youthful Volume Times 2

We can help you cross off ‘Looking youthful for 2015’ on your to-do list. Fillers at The Center for Dermatology Care will bring back that youthful volume and make Cupid jealous! We add back a youthful contour to facial areas that have experienced a loss in collagen. You’ll have shape and volume in all the […]

ThermiRase & Thermisculpt–2 Procedures with Thermigen

Heat can be our friend. It can spice up our meals, it can make us feel warm and cozy, and it can even help keep unwanted fat and frowning away. Yes! Thermigen is an aesthetic device that uses the “Science of Heat” by employing temperature controlled radio frequency. ThermiRase and Thermisculpt are two procedures performed […]

My skin is so dry and itchy in the winter. What can I do to improve it?

Andrew J. Kaufman, MD, FACP There are many factors that lead to skin dryness in the winter months. When the weather is cold, winds are blowing and you’re using your heater to heat your home and car, your skin tends to dry out more. As we get older, the water content of our skin decreases […]

The ‘Cool’ Way to Freeze Away Fat in 1 Hour—Coolsculpting

You’re working hard at the gym, trying to get to your favorite gym classes each week to spot target that ‘bump’ of fat on your abdomen, or the saddlebags that make your denim just a little too tight. Sigh, sometimes it feels like diet and exercise just aren’t enough. Listen to this exciting news—we have […]

5 Things to Know about Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin

With our fast-paced lives, some of our patients prefer anti-aging procedures that are non-invasive or minimally invasive, as opposed to traditional plastic surgery. They find the idea of minimal to no downtime incredibly appealing. What is our most common suggestion to these patients? Try a neuromodulator—that’s ‘medical slang’ for Botox. We’re happy to have this […]

What Exactly Is CoolSculpt and Who is it good for?

CoolSculpt is a procedure that uses cold to freeze and destroy fat cells in areas of localized adiposity resistant to diet and exercise. This advanced technology uses a process termed “cryolipolysis” to destroy unwanted fat cells and decrease localized fat bulges. In your consultation your doctor will determine whether cyrolipolysis could provide the desired results. […]

Why CO2 lasering?

BY ARIC PARK, MD In the past, the CO2 laser has gotten a bad rap for its predecessor’s tendency to cause changes in skin color after treatment. Since the advent of fractionation, where the laser causes microscopic holes as opposed to taking off the entire superficial layer of skin, the problems with post-operative pigmentation have […]

Skin Cancer Detection and Skin Cancer Screenings

Every May the American Academy of Dermatology promotes May as Skin Cancer Awareness Month, enlisting the help of thousands of dermatologists across the country to perform free skin cancer screenings. But education and detection is a year-long process and the physicians and staff at The Center for Dermatology Care want to insure that people understand […]



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