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What Exactly Is CoolSculpt and Who is it good for?

Published on August 6, 2014

CoolSculpt is a procedure that uses cold to freeze and destroy fat cells in areas of localized adiposity resistant to diet and exercise. This advanced technology uses a process termed “cryolipolysis” to destroy unwanted fat cells and decrease localized fat bulges.

In your consultation your doctor will determine whether cyrolipolysis could provide the desired results. The ideal patient is within 10 to 20 pounds of their ideal body weight and has a stubborn area of fat that has been resistant to further diet and exercise.

CoolSculpting Mirror

One of the chief reasons that the procedure works so well is that fat cells freeze at a temperature of 37 degrees whereas the skin freezes at a lower temperature (32 degrees). As a result, the temperature can be lowered enough to destroy the fat cells but not so low as to damage skin structures (epidermis and dermis). An appropriate sized and shaped applicator is applied to the localized adiposity and suction is engaged, drawing the tissue into the applicator cup. Once proper positioning is confirmed, the cooling plates are activated, continuing for one hour. At the conclusion the frozen fat is massaged gently. The post-therapy massage makes the treatment more effective by stimulating the lymphatic system and causing the crystallized fat cells to traumatize fat cells that did not reach the point of crystallization.

Studies show that within the first three days of treatment, up to 25% of fat cells die in the subcutaneous fat. Over the next two to three months the skin draws inward, reshaping the area via fat layer reduction.

Temporary side effects may include numbness, tingling, swelling and bruising. These side effects frequently resolve in the first 7-14 days following treatment, rarely lasting longer.
Patients should still maintain a proper diet and exercise regimen as CoolSculpting is not a replacement for a healthy lifestyle. If a patient consumes more calories than are expended, those calories can be stored in the remaining fat cells. However, for localized areas of fat that are resistant to diet and exercise, CoolSculpting can be an effective, safe, quick, nonsurgical alternative.

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